PrinterOn Partners with PROVISIO – Kiosk Software Brings Secure User Payments to Mobile Printing

When PrinterOn decided to expand its mobile-printing presence in Europe and Asia, partnering with Ireland-based Internet-kiosk provider Surfbox® to offer mobile printing to public printers in locations where Surfbox terminals already existed, PrinterOn needed a way to enable on-the-spot payments for mobile-printing customers. The company also required kiosk software to secure the Internet kiosks to which its printers were attached.

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PrinterOn was able to turn to one software engineering company, Miami-based PROVISIO, to meet both its user payment and security needs. Because SiteKiosk, PROVISIO’s flagship kiosk software, is fully customizable, the two companies were able to work together to tailor its functionality for the PrinterOn/Surfbox mobile-printing installations.

“PROVISIO enabled the partners in the market to modify the service,” Noreikis said, and because SiteKiosk can enable a credit card reader and cash acceptor on the kiosk, PrinterOn and Surfbox clients could offer end users whatever payment model worked best for their deployment scenario, whether it is in a coffee shop, a hotel lobby or an airport lounge.

“PROVISIO is a strong engineering company, and they’re product-focused, and PrinterOn has the same approach to the market,” Noreikis said. “So from the product-deployment perspective, it really worked.”

Aside from the user payment issue, PrinterOn also needed to make sure the components at the Surfbox kiosks would remain completely secure, given their deployment in public locations and their high level of user traffic. Conveniently, PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk provided a lockdown solution for the PrinterOn software that enables the public printing, so users can’t access the computer and printer configurations, keeping them safe from viruses and other dangers. SiteKiosk also protects the users themselves, ensuring that any personal information, user names and passwords are wiped clean from the configuration after the user logs off of the public PC.

“Our preferred deployment model is to have our printing software installed on the PC and have it underneath the SiteKiosk software so that our mobile printing solution can stay up and running, as opposed to just installing it on the PC and having a user be able to get into our software on a PC in public,” Noreikis said.

“The flexibility of our software allows different configurations to suit the widely varying requirements of public PC and printer deployments,” said Heinz Horstmann, CEO of PROVISIO. “Along with offering several payment options, our software provides many features which have proven to be useful on public computers. The integrated Internet content filter, email client and support for external programs, such as like Microsoft Office programs, as well as remote monitoring and management with SiteRemote provides users with features they need while simplifying the administrator’s duties. The positive feedback from Surfbox shows that PrinterOn and PROVISIO’s combined solution provides an enhanced user experience.”