The PrinterOn PrintWhere Driver – Mobile Printing From Any Windows Application

PrinterOn offers users many different ways to print, depending on device used, location and preference:

  1. Email – sending an email with attachment to the unique email address of a PrinterOn-enabled printer
  2. Web Upload – going to the unique URL of a PrinterOn-enabled printer and uploading a document for printing
  3. Mobile Apps – using one of the mobile printing apps available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android to locate printers and submit documents.

But most are probably not aware that you can print from within any of your Windows programs to the PrinterOn location of your choice. The PrintWhere Driver enables you to print from any Windows application to any PrinterOn print location. Once installed, PrintWhere automatically reconfigures itself for correct operation at any PrinterOn location. Never again will you need to install print drivers and configure ports and connections. Unlike most print drivers, PrintWhere features a printer search and discovery capability for simple selection of print destinations – whether across the room, down in the business center or around the world.

Users of PrinterOn may prefer PrintWhere in the following situations:

  • Frequent printing
  • Printing of web pages that require a log in, such as email or boarding passes
  • Printing document types that are not supported

Download the PrinterOn PrintWhere Driver