PrinterOn provides Eaton School District students and staff a printing solution for Chromebooks

When the Eaton School District in Colorado struggled to print from their Google Chromebooks, PrinterOn stepped in and solved their printing issues through the implementation of PrinterOn Enterprise.

Before PrinterOn, Eaton was having problems receiving the jobs from Google because the service would go offline intermittently. Also, students were printing too many copies of their work by mistake which wasted a large amount of paper and toner. Students were frustrated and staff members were agitated, as they could not print assignments and lesson material that was urgently needed for the next period. Eaton realized that they needed a new secure printing solution, which is why they approached PrinterOn.

By utilizing their Gmail email system, Eaton School District can leverage the Google Could Print option that is currently available within Google to securely send print jobs to the PrinterOn Enterprise solution for printing to printers that are already configured within their physical network. In addition to having Google Cloud Print, the school district also has the option of enabling mobile, email and web submission methods later on once the students get comfortable with the Google Cloud Print solution.

In the end, Eaton is saving money that would have been spent purchasing a larger amount of ink and paper. They are saving time and energy too. Now, because PrinterOn has met their printing needs, Eaton can focus more on educating their students, because enriching the minds of America’s future leaders is Eaton’s first priority.

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