PrinterOn Provides Remote Printing for Pegasus Medical

Pegasus is a worldwide leader in storage solutions for healthcare organizations and has multiple distribution centers on three continents and dealers throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

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Their challenge was to allow users to print from mobile devices to a printer at a hospital which was local but not on the same network as the users. They started out using HP ePrint but soon found that they were losing print jobs every time the printer jammed or ran out of paper. These jobs could not be restarted so they were constantly losing documents and wasting time waiting for something that was never going to print. The ePrint solution just wasn’t meeting their mission critical printing requirements.


PrinterOn enabled Pegasus with the PrinterOn Hosted cloud printing solution. End users print via Pegasus’ application which generates an email that is sent to the unique email address of a printer at the remote location. The document is then rendered and encrypted by the PrinterOn cloud and sent to the Print Delivery Hub. The PrintConnect device at the remote hospital location downloads the job from the hub and sends it to the printer where it is automatically printed.

 Benefits & Results

  • PrinterOn’s secure printing solution replaced ePrint which didn’t meet mission critical printing requirements
  • Users able to print from mobile devices via email printing
  • Printing to remote hospital locations not on the same network
  • PrintConnect devices used instead of expensive VPN lines
  • PrinterOn solution saved Pegasus from developing their own solution which was going to cost 50-100K