PrinterOn Release Codes Help Reduce Paper Waste

In business offices, schools, hotels, libraries and various other locations, 20% of all paper printed is wasted. People
frequently print by accident, change their mind or just busy and forget to pick up what they decided to print. These print jobs end up wasted, left on the printer and eventually in overflowing recycle bins.

PrinterOn mobile printing solutions can solve this problem and help reduce waste. When a user submits their documents for print, a release code is generated. This unique code must be entered at the printer to release their documents. The print job will not be printed without the user manually typing in this secure release code that has been sent to the email address they specified.

By not allowing a document to be printed without the release code, paper waste is minimized and an extra level of print
security is added. With 20% less waste comes reduced costs, fewer consumables and less damage to the environment.