PrinterOn Releases PrinterOn Enterprise 2.1

This release of PrinterOn Enterprise 2.1 introduces many new features, most notably the support for native iOS printing. Other new features such as Remote Print Release and Role-based Access Control streamline the printing process and give administrators more control over users and access to print services.

The following are some of the enhancements and improvements that have been made in this version of the PrinterOn Enterprise Platform.

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the Press Release

If you would like to upgrade to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.1, please contact PrinterOn Support

PrinterOn Enterprise 2.1 New Additions

  • New– Native iOS Printing Support – Print Delivery Gateway
  • New – Role-Based Access Control with LDAP & Active Directory
  • New – Advanced Email Printing Workflows Management
  • New – Network-Based Print Valet
  • New – Remote Print Job Release
  • New – Native Office 2013 Support
  • New – OpenOffice 4.0 Support
  • Improved – Push Notification for Enterprise Ricoh Embedded MFP

Email Printing Enhancements

  • New – Digitally Signed Email Support
  • New – Manage Release Code Availability Based on User Type
  • Improved – Manage Web-based Authentication Based on User Type
  • Improved – SSL & TLS Email Server Support
  • Improved – Email Body Print Quality
  • Improved – Proxy Server Support when Connecting to Mail Servers
  • Improved – Email Server Configuration Tools
  • Improved – “Far East” language support for email printing
  • Improved – Directory Search Improvements and Enhancements
  • Improved – Search Performance

Other Improvements and Enhancements

  • Improved – PDF Print Quality and Compatibility
  • Updated – PasPort Service Startup Setting
  • Updated – Java Version
  • Updated – Apache Tomcat