PrinterOn Releases PrintWhere Universal Driver 3.8

PrinterOn’s PrintWhere Universal Driver is a unique and powerful software solution that enables any Windows based PC or laptop to print to any PrinterOn-enabled Public, Education or Enterprise print device. PrintWhere eliminates tedious printer configuration and empowers users to discover and print to printers anywhere in the world using a simple software solution.

Download PrintWhere           View the PrintWhere User Guide

With the PrintWhere driver, you can print easily and securely to either your local network printers or over the Internet to remote printers. Open the PrinterOn Printer Select window to find and set your printer, and then simply print from your Windows application directly to printers anywhere – whether across the room, in the office or a hotel business center.

Users of PrinterOn may prefer PrintWhere in the following situations:

  • Frequent printing
  • Printing of web pages that require a log in such as email or boarding passes
  • Printing document types that are not supported