PrinterOn’s New Mobile Printing Feature – iOS 8 Extensions

PrinterOn offers many flexible printing options to suit the needs of unique and diverse work styles. While many workers are on-the-go, they are in need of a simple and secure enterprise printing solution allowing them to print straight from their
mobile device. PrinterOn makes this a reality by offering printing through simple, easy-to-use mobile apps.

The new PrinterOn mobile printing app for iOS now includes integration for iOS 8 extensions. This integration enables users of iPhones and iPads to print straight from the document, photo, or webpage simply by hitting “Share” and “Print with PrinterOn” at the bottom of the screen. The document is then sent to any configured printer the user chooses at the office or one of the thousands of PrinterOn public printing locations.

iOS 8 extensions is one of many new key features intended to provide a significant improvement to the user experience and print workflow. With PrinterOn, you really can Print Simply Anywhere.