ProcessFlows Signs Agreement with print solution developer, PrinterOn, to Supply Mobile Printing Solutions for Android, Blackberry, iPhone & iPad in the UK

The consumerisation of IT means it is now commonplace for people to use their personal mobile devices for work activities – BYOD (bring your own device).

Organisations are keen to realise the benefits of BYOD; such as enhanced employee productivity, efficiency gains resulting from reduced corporate liable expense for the devices (and associated services) and less dependency on the IT department/helpdesk. They therefore want to support this trend.

Many are introducing a BYOD policy to make it clear what the IT department’s level of support is for personal devices and to establish security procedures. Some are even giving employees a payment to purchase and maintain a mobile device of their choice; with a view to reducing IT workload and costs.

There still remains the difficulty of printing from a mobile device.

A third-party print app is available (but these can be difficult to configure for all but the technically gifted) or users can email the document to someone who has PC access to the network and get them to print it for you.

Neither is ideal. The alternative is to install PrinterOn. This independent, on premise, cloud-accessed print solution is easily deployed and because it sits on the network, security is never compromised.

PrinterOn integrates with printers and MFPs from all leading manufacturers, incumbent corporate user management systems (such as Active Directory and other LDAP) and existing print management solutions to provide secure, remote mobile printing – i.e. via the cloud – for Android, Blackberry, iPhone & iPad.

Users simply enter a security code at the printer to release their specific document.

Tim Muckart, Business Development Manager at ProcessFlows said; “PrinterOn is a very exciting addition to our Portfolio of products – we have been looking for a market leading, enterprise based product like this for a while. We see Mobile devices being used more and more within all sectors of business. However, the one problem we keep hearing is “how do we print from them?” PrinterOn has a fantastic product. It fits into almost any environment, enabling users to print from iPad, iPhone, HTC devices and BlackBerry, via their corporate network, safely and securely. We know companies are looking to deploy this sort of solution, so this is great timing.”

“PrinterOn is pleased to announce our relationship with ProcessFlows” said Ken Noreikis, Vice President Sales & Marketing, PrinterOn. “BYOD is at the forefront of enterprise mobility today and mobile workers need to stay productive no matter where they are, which device they are using or the network they are on. In order to meet this worldwide demand, PrinterOn has partnered with ProcessFlows to bring the PrinterOn Enterprise Printing Platform to market in the United Kingdom through their extensive Channel Partner programme. With their highly skilled team and over 25 years of experience, ProcessFlows will deliver superior customer service and create new business opportunities for PrinterOn in the UK.”

PrinterOn is designed to grow with the organisation as mobile device use increases. A single deployment can cope with the print needs of thousands of users, across multiple networks and locations.

To extend mobile printing beyond the network, users can download a PrinterOn app and access a global directory of public printers located in over 10,000 world-wide locations, such as hotels, airports, libraries, cafes etc.

Further information about PrinterOn print solutions for mobile devices can be found at