Mobile Printing Demand Means Increase in Public Print Locations

ePRINTit Centers Add Mobile Printing from PrinterOnThe increased demand for mobile printing from smartphones has resulted in many more public print locations springing up. The ability to quickly and easily print a document while on-the-go is rapidly becoming an every day occurrence. Laptops are being left behind on business trips in favour of the BlackBerry and iPhone.

The addition of the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution to ePRINTit center locations offers 7 new public print locations for the smartphone user.

St. Joseph Communications is pleased to announce a partnership with PrinterOn® that will allow its customers to print directly from their smartphones to one of its PrinterOn-enabled ePRINTit™ centres. PrinterOn is the world’s leading mobile printing solution provider. Its PrintSpots® solution allows users to print documents to any PrintSpot-enabled printer in the world using a smartphone or laptop. As part of the initial launch, St. Joseph Communications is activating PrintSpots at seven of its ePRINTit centres, with more to be added this year. ePRINTit is St. Joseph’s national network of 45 on-demand print and documents management centres.

“Our partnership with St. Joseph Communications is beneficial for both organizations,” said Angus Cunningham, CEO of PrinterOn. “The market has seen a significant increase in on-the-go users needing to print outside the office from smartphones or laptops. We are excited about this opportunity to provide ePRINTit customers with the convenience of mobile printing.”

St. Joseph’s ePRINTit customers will benefit from the PrinterOn solution by using their smartphones such as a BlackBerry or iPhone, or their internet-enabled laptops, to print their documents, email, presentations or web content directly to an ePRINTit PrintSpot. No drivers or software are needed; users simply forward their email with attachment to the unique email address of the desired ePRINTit site and they will be emailed a secure release code that will be used to release their documents from the printer.

“We are always looking for new and innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs,” says Tony Gagliano, Executive Chairman and CEO of St. Joseph Communications. “Joining the PrinterOn network of public printers is a perfect solution to enable our busy, time-pressed customers to quickly and conveniently print out their documents on the fly.”

The following seven ePRINTit locations are now part of the PrintSpots public network of printers.

Pearson – 125 Sussex Drive, Room BG-227, Ottawa, ON (613-789-1274)
Place de Ville – 303 Queen Street, Room 300-c, Ottawa, ON (613-230-1551)
Skyline – 1305 Baseline Road, Tower 5-1-111, Ottawa, ON (613-288-1441)
Portage III – 11 Laurier, Room 0B2, Hull, QC (819-779-4361)
Kenaston – 1165 Kenaston Street, Ottawa, ON (613-729-4303)
Halifax – 6021 Young Street, Unit 6, Halifax, NS  (902-492-2700)
Begin – 1069 Rue Begin, St. Laurent, QC  (514-286-4431)

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