Remote Printing for Law Firms

A common occurrence among successful law firms is traveling to work on cases in other cities. Often times, these cities don’t house an office headquarters and an excessive amount of work needs to be done to provide lawyers with a remote law office capable of providing secure enterprise mobile printing. Lawyers need to be able to print from their laptops and mobile devices securely and easily. These remote offices need to be complete with desktop PCs, mobile device support and
network based printing. For remote law offices that need to be running for several months at a time, a better solution is
required to help the offices run smoother.

PrinterOn can provide these law firms with secure printing to help with the technically complicated temporary office set-up. With PrinterOn installed on their servers, these remote law offices can have a printing workflow that runs seamlessly. With PrinterOn, lawyers will now able to spend more time focusing on cases and less time worrying about simple, print related