Ricoh, Jamex & PrinterOn – Merging Technology and Service Results in Patron Satisfaction

The library is a place where knowledge and information freely dwell to define, preserve, connect, entertain and transform individuals, cultures and communities. The library can never be fully replaced by technologies, but technology can help libraries maintain their communal role.

The Challenge
Most libraries have the common goal of customer satisfaction through courteous and efficient service. Print capability is a core part of this service. Libraries typically capture some of the costs involved with printing by using Jamex coin boxes, but usually only accept payment for copies. Smartphone or laptop users wanting to print are left without this capability and the library does not fulfill its goal of customer satisfaction.

The Ricoh Solution
Service is Ricoh’s highest priority, and introducing mobile printing technology for patron-owned mobile devices solves many of the printing challenges that libraries face today. The Ricoh Hotspot solution with Jamex coin boxes enable patrons to print from anywhere, then pay for and pick up printed documents at their convenience.

  • Ricoh HotSpot MFPs in conjunction with Jamex Coin Boxes provide a pay-for-print solution that enables patrons to print from their own devices
  • Ricoh HotSpot printers and MFPs are embedded with the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution which is used in over 10,000 locations worldwide
  • email printing from any smartphone or tablet
  • web-based printing from library PCs also supported
  • Ricoh and PrinterOn mobile printing apps for most devices
  • marketing pieces with instructions for printing included for patron education