The Rise of the Mobile Workforce

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are changing the way people work. No longer are we tied to the office for completing our tasks for the day. We can do almost everything from a smartphone or tablet. But what if you are out of the office and need to print?

Enter PrinterOn.

To give you an idea of how all of this works, let’s use the following example. John is an employee of ABC Company who has PrinterOn Enterprise deployed on-premise. John is on another floor of the office going into a meeting and decides to print out another document for his presentation. He sends an email with the document attached to the printer right outside the meeting room, enters his release code and prints out 10 copies.

John needs to be out of the office for a few days on a business trip. While he is at the airport he remembers he forgot to print a document for the meeting he will be going to first thing when he arrives at his destination. The airport has PrinterOn mobile printing in the lounge so he emails his document to the printer from his tablet, enters the release code and his document is printed.

After his meeting, he is invited out to lunch at a cafe with a client. John mentions the new product data sheets and the client says they would like to have a few hard copies for a meeting they will be going to that day. The cafe has the PrinterOn service so he uses the PrinterOn mobile printing app on his smartphone to search for the cafe printer.  He finds it and sends the document for printing.

When John gets home from his trip he decides to get a few things done before he has to go back into work the next day. John has the PrinterOn Home solution. Knowing he has an early meeting in the morning, he prints out the documents he will need for it on his home office printer from his smartphone by simply emailing the document to the unique email address of his home printer.

The PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution enables users to print from any smartphone, tablet or laptop to any PrinterOn-enabled printer in the world. Our solutions span every major vertical and cover the Enterprise, Public and Home markets making PrinterOn the most complete mobile printing solution available.