Solve your printing problems once and for all (and make your CIO smile)

Secure pull printing, tracking and management of any print workflow, mobile or desktop

Is it possible for one printing platform to provide secure pull printing, tracking and reporting for cost control and compliance, centralized management for increased IT efficiency along with a consistent user experience?

With PrinterOn, the answer is YES!

With the release of Secure Release Anywhere™ and PrintWhere® 5.2, PrinterOn can provide secure printing, tracking and management of any print workflow, not just mobile. Windows desktop, laptop and Surface tablets as well as Apple OS X and iOS are now included as part of the entire print infrastructure, providing a true secure print solution across all submission methods and devices.

Reduce waste – 20% of all print is waste. Secure Release Anywhere prevents documents from automatically printing. Forgotten documents won’t be left on the printer and end up in the recycling bin.

Increase security – Requiring authentication at the printer adds a further layer of security to corporate data by virtually assuring that no physical prints are left behind.

Reduce infrastructure – Eliminate expensive personal printers that require more maintenance and consumables. With PrinterOn, every enabled printer on the network is secure.

Reduce print servers – PrinterOn requires only one print server on the corporate network to run your entire print system.

Increase productivity – Users can pick a printer after submission and release documents from any enabled printer near them. Batch printing can be held in queue for release at a later time requiring only one trip to the printer.

Reduce support calls – Printing problems are the second most common support call after password resets. Reduce those calls by providing the ability to release documents from another printer if one is out of service.

With PrinterOn as part of your print strategy, the benefits will make your life easier and your CIO smile (well maybe).