St. Petersburg Public Library System Launches PrinterOn Mobile Printing

The St. Petersburg Public Library System has launched PrinterOn mobile printing at all of their library locations enabling patrons to print from any mobile device to the library printers.  Documents can be sent from anywhere, the library, from home, a cafe or school. library printing solutions

Ricoh HotSpot MFPs were chosen for the deployment. Combining the powerful technology of Ricoh’s industry-leading printers with the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution, these printers provide an all-in-one solution for the St. Petersburg Public Library System.

Patrons can upload documents from laptops via web portals for printing or send documents from their smartphones, tablets or laptops via email using the unique email address assigned to each printer. A release code is sent back to the user that they enter on the printer keypad so they can release their document. Mobile printing apps are also available for patrons to search for and print to all PrinterOn public printing locations.
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Library patrons pay for their prints using a Jamex coin-op pay-for-print system that has been integrated into the Ricoh/PrinterOn solution.