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About PrinterOn

PrinterOn is the premier mobile printing solution that enables users to securely print from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, to any printer, no matter the networks in between. With PrinterOn you can “Print Simply Anywhere®”.

Today PrinterOn has the broadest and deepest secure mobile print offering available for cloud or on premise deployment. This is a direct result of cumulative product innovation and evolution since 2001 when PrinterOn pioneered secure mobile printing. Now a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics (since 2014), PrinterOn has both the strength and wherewithal of a global technology leader and the agility of a smaller independent company to advance the state of secure printing, tracking, and management. This unique combination enables PrinterOn to continue to both innovate and support its customer base around the world. Today PrinterOn is deployed in over 100 countries and has printed well over 100 million pages.

PrinterOn is available in three editions: Enterprise and Express for on-premise deployment and Hosted for cloud. All editions feature secure printing and release and PrinterOn’s robust mobile apps for iOS and Android. Also included in all editions: email printing, web app printing, web portal print, Native iOS Printing, Google Cloud Print integration, and PrintWhere® - PrinterOn’s local Windows print system for any Windows-based computer or Surface tablet.

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The Problem PrinterOn Solves

PrinterOn securely connects mobile or desktop users with printers no matter the networks in between.

Work is being shifted to all types of mobile devices from desktops. And with the shift comes an increase in demand for mobile printing. But mobile printing can be challenging. There are increased security requirements due to off-network printing, lack of mobile printing standards, and the basic inability in many cases for a mobile device to actually connect to the desired printer’s network.

PrinterOn solves all these problems in a way that enforces an organization’s security policies and does not require changes to its network, applications or devices.

Why Do Industry Leaders Choose PrinterOn?

Unlike some who offer mobile print as an “add-on” or others who offer it but have limited product breadth and depth, PrinterOn’s single focus is secure mobile print in all its variations and implementations no matter the mobile device, the printer, the network, or the security measures.

PrinterOn’s unique and proven modular platform, now backed by the resourcing of Samsung Electronics, is the only platform available to handle all use cases on any network for any amount of users, small or large. Organizations choose PrinterOn to leverage industry-leading:

  • security in submission, rendering and release including encryption, in transit and at rest
  • print job processing performance, even at scale
  • flexibility in print submission and secure release methods
  • deployment flexibility including on-premise, public cloud and private cloud
  • high-availability configurations and global deployments

Corporate Headquarters

PrinterOn-HeadquartersPrinterOn is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada with another office located in the United Kingdom. PrinterOn sits within an environmentally protected area teeming with ducks, geese and the occasional heron. Kitchener is part of Canada's Technology Triangle which is home to companies such as BlackBerry, OpenText, Google, Desire to Learn and Christie.




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