Mobile Printing Marketing Tools

Now that you have invested in the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution, you will want to make sure you promote this service at your location. Whether in a school, hotel or corporate location, users of your PrinterOn service need to be educated and made aware of how they can print from their devices.

To make it easy for you, PrinterOn has created the following marketing tools for you to print out and place near printers that are enabled with the PrinterOn solution. You could also include a pdf in an email that introduces the solution to your users.

To get started:

  1. Choose the piece you want
  2. Enter the unique printer email address that was assigned to you (ex. printer[at]
  3. Enter the unique printer URL that was assigned to you (ex.
  4. Upload your logo to brand your materials

NOTE: (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (11) download here)


 Business-Card       Tent-Card       Info-Card

Business Card
Size: 2x3.5


Tent Card
Size: 5.5x7.75


Info Card
Size: 4x8