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Windows Printing

Windows Printing

PrintWhere® is a Windows®-based print subsystem that enables secure print from Windows Surface tablets, desktops or laptops to network printers located anywhere. PrintWhere eliminates tedious printer configuration and empowers users to discover and print to network printers using one simple interface whether in the office, at the airport or a hotel business center.

PrintWhere is included as a key solution component of each PrinterOn Edition: PrinterOn Enterprise and PrinterOn Public, and helps to deliver Windows printing, tracking and management for Windows-based workflows. PrintWhere is also certified for Citrix printing so you can be sure the solution has been through rigid testing, ensuring the solution is compatible with your Citrix environment.

Benefits of PrintWhere for Windows printing

  • Eliminates driver management and printer configuration on individual workstations.
  • Smart Print Path – PrintWhere automatically picks the best print path (shortest, fastest, least costly) and compresses files for up to 75% bandwidth savings and faster print.
  • Automate workplace deployments via Group Policy or use Microsoft Intune.
  • Uses traditional File > Print workflow.
  • Secure print inside or outside the trusted network.
  • Secure SSL/TLS and encryption of print data.
  • Print data compression reduces bandwidth.
  • Enforce output options of network printers – color, duplex, page limits.
  • Works with your Active Directory or LDAP user groups.

Using PrintWhere inside and outside of your organization

With PrintWhere, you can print easily and securely print from Windows devices to local network printers or to printers on a completely different network within your organization. PrintWhere can connect printers across the disparate networks in your organization making printing to any printer possible.


In this example, the keyword “EMP” was entered. The printers displayed are private corporate printers located within EMP Corporation.


In this example, the keyword “Chicago” was entered. The printers displayed are PrinterOn public printing locations in Chicago.