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PrinterOn for AirWatch

PrinterOn for AirWatch

VMware AirWatch® As an AirWatch® customer, enjoy the same great capabilities of PrinterOn with the added app security and management capabilities provided by the AirWatch platform. The PrinterOn mobile printing apps for iOS printing and Android printing are compatible with AirWatch AppShield and were built leveraging the AirWatch Software Development Kit.

PrinterOn and AirWatch work as logical extensions of each other with AirWatch managing devices on the network and PrinterOn layering secure print workflows on top, connecting networks and enabling secure print for mobile users

PrinterOn for AirWatch Architecture

  • Configure app details centrally – push to users
    – Server addresses.
    – Default service.
    – Lock configuration..
    – Optional support message.
  • “AirWatch MAG” and F5 secure support
    – Secure managed network communication via AirWatch.
    – Configure centrally using AirWatch tools.
    Enhanced centralized app configuration.

Native iOS printing support

Many organizations find that it is difficult to offer users a native iOS printing experience because of the fundamental limitations of how iOS mobile printing works in combination with their network architecture. With PrinterOn Native iOS Printing support for AirWatch, enterprise administrators can not only turn any printer into a native iOS-capable printer, they can finely control which printers users can access through AirWatch configuration push. With PrinterOn Native iOS Printing for AirWatch, everyone gets what they want: users get the native iOS printing experience they are looking for and administrators get the control and secure print they need.

Enable native iOS mobile printing functionality to any printer—even printers on other networks.

iOS users simply use the native iOS print button.

No separate mobile app required.

Zero user config – deploy PrinterOn native iOS printing configurations via AirWatch.

All the features, security, and scalability of PrinterOn tied into the iOS print button.

Print from iPhones or iPads to any PrinterOn printer regardless of network or location.