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Public Edition

PrinterOn Public Edition

PrinterOn® Public cloud printing is specifically designed for public printing locations that want to provide a simple, secure cloud printing service to their customers. PrinterOn is an agnostic solution so users can print from any device, any platform, on any network.

The flexibility, ease of use and quick deployment of the PrinterOn solution is what makes it such a desirable choice for hotels, libraries, small businesses and airport lounges. Choose from a variety of deployment options – hardware, software or embedded solution. Whichever way, you will be providing the most widely used remote printing solution in the world.

Product PrinterOn Public.
Offering SaaS cloud printing in a shared environment.
Deployment PrinterOn Cloud.
Pricing Annual subscription per printer.
Use Case For organizations who desire a cloud-based solution and don’t want to manage servers
Best suited for public printing such as hotels, libraries, airport clubs and some SMB (small, medium businesses).

Why PrinterOn Public for SaaS cloud printing?

  • For organizations who desire a secure cloud-based solution and do not want to manage servers.
  • Best suited for public printing locations such as hotels, public libraries or airport clubs.
  • Deployed in the PrinterOn cloud.
  • Per printer subscription-based license.

PrinterOn Public cloud printing software for your Industry

PrinterOn Public for public printing locations provides your guests, patrons and travelers with convenient and intuitive remote printing solutions from any device. Users can print exactly what they need within the confines of a secure cloud printing environment at libraries, hotels and airports.

Multiple print methods for flexibility

With PrinterOn Public, users can submit documents for printing in multiple ways, giving them the ability to choose the method that is right for them.

Email Printing

Simply send an email with attachment to the unique email address of the printer.

Mobile Apps

Mobile printing apps for iOS and Android provide simple search and print workflows.

Web Upload

Documents are uploaded via a web URL, portals can be branded with your logo and colors.


Universal driver provides File>Print workflow for Windows PCs and tablets.

Release Options

Documents can be released from the printer in a variety of ways depending on your specific deployment.

  • Remote Release – Users can submit and release documents from their mobile devices with the apps.
  • PC Release – Documents can be released through a simple release client installed on any Windows PC.
  • Printer Interface – Release documents directly through the user interface of cloud-ready printers

BYOD Support

With PrinterOn Public, users can can send documents for printing from any device they may have such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. PrinterOn also supports any OS including Windows, iOS and Android.

SaaS Deployment

PrinterOn Public is a cloud printing service that is hosted in the cloud. A yearly subscription fee is paid to access the service which means you don’t have to worry about maintaining software or deal with problems that may occur.

Reduce Waste

PrinterOn Public reduces print waste by requiring a release code to be entered at the printer before a document is printed. Page limits can also be set to stop users from printing too many pages.

Use Your Current Printers

Any printer can be cloud enabled so you can use the printers you already have. All you need is a connection to the internet.

Mobile Printing Apps

The PrinterOn apps for iOS and Android devices provides an easy way to locate and print to your printer of choice. The remote release function enables print release directly from within the apps eliminating the need to enter the release code at the printer.