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Printing Apps

Printing Apps

PrinterOn is dedicated to making the cloud print experience as easy and friendly as possible. Our mobile printing apps for iOS and Android devices provide a mobile printing experience that is unrivaled in the cloud print industry.

Bringing True Cloud Printing™ to users anywhere they are

The PrinterOn mobile printing apps for iOS and Android let you cloud print from your iOS or Android devices to any PrinterOn-enabled network printer worldwide. With the PrinterOn mobile apps, you can locate on or off network printers, print pictures, boarding passes, spreadsheets, documents, email attachments and more, all directly from your mobile device.

Quick printer discovery

It’s easy to find a cloud printer to print to. PrinterOn maintains a directory that contains entries for every PrinterOn enabled cloud printing location worldwide. With the PrinterOn mobile printing apps, you can search this directory to locate and select a cloud printer.

The mobile apps provide several methods to quickly locate a specific on or off network printer from among the thousands available:

  • Search by location:
    Use your device’s Location Services to locate nearby cloud printers, or search specific geographic locations.
  • Search by keyword:
    Search the PrinterOn directory for a printer with specific printer name, or search for a hotel name.
  • Search for network printers:
    If you are using the PrinterOn mobile app for iOS, you can also use the network discovery features to scan your local network for available cloud printers or network printers.
  • Search for secured printers:
    Configure the mobile app with server and user account information and you can restrict your search to those printers you are authorized to access.

Printing apps for MDM/EMM solutions

With the popularity of the BYOD movement within the enterprise, many mobile devices are owned by the employee and not the organization. These devices and the content on them can be a security threat. This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes in. Having an MDM solution in place keeps devices and content secure so that they may be used not just for personal tasks, but can also function as a corporate device.

With PrinterOn and your MDM/EMM you get:

  • Tight mobile app integration.
  • Mobile app distribution and configuration.
  • Enhanced PrinterOn security and deployment capabilities.

PrinterOn is working with key MDM providers to provide tight mobile app integration with leading mobile device management platforms. The MDM approved mobile cloud printing apps extend our enterprise-grade secure printing platform throughout the document life cycle. From device to network to physical output, you can be sure that security is the main focus.